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Daily Updates - May 6, 2021

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Thursday Update - May 6, 2021

Good Morning, all.

We are currently powering through surgery recovery, flash flooding weather, sick kiddos and manufacturer delays. We truly appreciate your patience with us, especially with these setting delays.

Brandi is currently working as close to normal pace as possible while recovering from surgery. Pieces that need to be sanded down are being completed at a slower rate due to recovery time the muscles needed to sand are still tender and healing but they are being worked through.
Caitlin is currently working from home with casting orders and pushing forward even through this weather. She is volunteering her time off the clock to keep casting as many orders as she can even on weekends.

We have been dropping off batches of packaged completed orders to the post office since last week and will have more packages dropped off today once the weather lightens up. Tracking emails have been sent but once they are with USPS, unfortunately their updates are out of our hands. We have no control over the scanned check in of those packages. We have had several customers say they didn't receive notification on their USPS tracking until the day it was supposed to be delivered, so please keep that in mind when checking your tracking updates. As a precaution, we do take videos of each batch shipped and dropped off so there is a record kept of orders.

We have received tracking for several delayed settings and are hoping to have them here within the next week or so. The Apple of My Eye settings have arrived and we will be pushing out those orders as soon as we can. Thankfully, we are experiencing less push back from manufactures as they are seeing less of a delay on their side which means less of a delay with Lait De La Vie receiving settings.
If you have a questions about your order, please message your admin. If you do not have an admin, please go to the PM post pinned on the page, read through the instructions and pick your admin. Volunteer admins are the quickest way to get information.
The business page is working diligently to go through as many messages as possible during business hours, please have patience with them if you are currently messaging them.

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Breast milk Jewelry Breastmilk jewelry keepsake jewelry free item sale concrete keepsakes




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Breastmilk Jewelry breast milk jewelry keepsake jewelry sale free item concrete keepsakes keepsakes

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Breast milk jewelry Breastmilk jewelry keepsake jewelry sale free item concrete keepsakes

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