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December 15, 2020 - Daily Update Pt. 1

Lait de la Vie - Breast Milk Jewelry & Keepsake Preservation

Today is a casting and finishing day of breast milk jewelry and other inclusion jewelry! We are off to a slow start due to having some website maintenance, but we are back in action. 

Caitlin will be casting the breast milk stones, and I will be attempting to finish at least 20 jewelry and keepsake orders today. You should be able to see these in the VIP group tonight.

Today's batch being casted is some studio remakes, some older complicated orders, and cups! We are hoping to also start pouring resin over the geodes.

We got our Stamps account back and will begin printing labels and shipping more packages.

We have a huge sale going on right now! Buy 1 Get 1 80% off + a FREE SNOWFLAKE! 

We also have a lot of new flash sales in the VIP group so go check them out!

We are going to start making updates on the website and you can access it from the VIP group and the red link at the top of the homepage! Important links will be displayed at the bottom of each page!

Comment here with your favorite flash sale when you have read this update! 😊




💜 Important Links 💜
We have FREEBIE flash sales on our group wall daily! Scroll through the wall to find multiple percentage off sales with FREE STUFF!

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  • LDLV Facebook Page: 
  • LDLV Terms and Conditions:
  • LDLV Public Queue < order no. 7600: 
  • LDLV Publie Queue 2 > order no. 7600:
  • LDLV Order Changes Request:
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  • LDLV Game Credits:
  • LDLV Leftover Milk:
  • LDLV Keep LM:
  • General questions about our group, website, or planning a future order, please contact any admin of your choosing in our VIP group
  • Questions for Lait de la Vie about a previous order, pending orders, invoices, cancelations, remakes, repairs, refunds, or gift cards, please message the business page. :) >>

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  • Tammy on

    Buy 2 get 3 free
    Anything over 50% off

  • Kendra on

    3 rings for $150 is the best flash sale rn!

  • Corerinea on

    I like the 20% off tumbler with 2 free items

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