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December 18, 2020 - Shipping

 Lait de la Vie - Breast Milk Jewelry & Keepsake Preservation

Friendly Reminder!

We record every single package that leaves our hands and enters the post office box. If a package does not scan in and we tell you it has shipped, we will be more than happy to show you the video proof, date and timestamp your order was shipped. 

We do not ship from home or request pick up. When they are in a hurry, they grab the box and scan in the truck. We also can not really prove that it's your package getting picked in that method of shipping. When we drop off in the blue post office box, we are able to video the front, back, sides, and the shipping label. We do this to show the exact condition each package is in when it is turned over to USPS. 

Unfortunately, some packages may get lost of stuck in transit. If this happens, we take the loss and replace the entire order for no additional payments or fees. 

If you have questions at all, please contact an admin on our VIP page for the fastest method of communication. 

Breast milk jewelry shipping details

Breast milk jewelry shipping details



Breast milk jewelry sale


  • Terms and Conditions are the absolute most important thing about this website. When making a purchase, you have to agree multiple times that you have read the entire agreement. Please make sure you read it before agreeing. This link includes everything you need to know about Lait de la Vie - Breast Milk Jewelry & Keepsake Preservation. This link includes information about shipping, turnaround time, what to expect your item to be like, details about customizations, cleaning and care, communication, and how we run our business and VIP group. You can not make a purchase with Lait de la Vie without agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

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