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Hello everyone!

We wanted to give you an update on what is going on in the aftermath of the Category 4 Hurricane Louisiana just experienced. It is now daylight and everyone is able to start assessing some damage.

We did receive word that one assistant has lost her home due to the Hurricane. Thankfully, her family is safely evacuated but they no longer have a home to return to. Another assistant received news that her home is standing but there is significant damage to windows and roof, that they’re aware of at the moment. We did have one Admin stay behind with her home during the Hurricane, she and her family are safe and attempting to evacuate. We have two other staff members that are still pending reports on how their homes are doing and if they’re still standing. Please keep these families in your prayers.

Thankfully, the LDLV studio and the owner’s home is standing. There is damage but we are grateful that things can be replaced and fixed. The owner’s husband was able to secure the fridges that inclusions are kept in and they have no damage. Their home is damaged but repairable, they are safe, and that is what matters right now.

The individual government parishes are making decisions on when evacuees can start to return home. They have stated that some of the hardest hit parishes may be looking at undetermined amount of time before anyone can return home. This means that any damage to their home will remain without repair and if there is any wind, rain, etc. will continue to damage their home or worse, cause a total loss.
In addition to being unable to return home for months to assess damages, parishes are not allowing their residents to return home until running water (consumable water, not flooding) is available. There is speculation that power will not be available for additional months after that. Cell phone towers are down at the moment and communication is limited between loved ones that stayed home and evacuees.

This is a catastrophic situation for everyone. We are truly doing our best to ensure that we can begin working as quickly as possible and we can start getting orders completed and out the door. We understand the frustration in delays and have been doing our best with the hand we are being dealt. We are not intentionally trying to delay any orders and are splitting as many orders as possible.
We just ask that for the next few weeks, please have patience, kindness and understanding with the situation at hand. Out of State volunteer admins are doing their absolute best handling things with a limited amount of information available during this time of uncertainty.

We send support and prayers to anyone in Louisiana recovering and rebuilding. Much appreciation to first responders, medical personnel and volunteers working and assisting their communities in the aftermath of this Hurricane. We are truly grateful to you and send lots of support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the prayers for us and for the patience you are giving Lait de la Vie and the volunteer admins!





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