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Late Update - Tuesday 5/11/2021

Tuesday Update - 5/11/21
Happy Tuesday, everyone! We hope everyone had an eventful Mother's Day weekend. Don't forget to check out the newest site sale that will be live tonight! I'll give you a hint! 50% OFF 😉 Make sure your free item is in your notes and you apply the code before checking out!
These past few weeks have been so hectic yet productive! We have been in a great rhythm lately and working through many hiccups. We have shipped out several finished orders, please keep an eye out for tracking emails. Many delayed settings should be arriving this week. As they arrive, we will be finishing those orders. Caitlin is out for the rest of the week due to personal circumstances, but did cast all day yesterday! Brandi is going to be working on finishing as many orders as possible and catching up with finishing.
LDLV staff (assistants and volunteer admins included) have been working diligently through extra hours to make sure that orders are completed and packaged. LDLV is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, in addition to Sezzle (payment plan) and normal payments via card.
Brandi is currently focusing on finishing orders that require extra sanding and finishing this week.  Once we have our batch of finished orders ready, labels will be created and printed for each of those to go out.
Reminder: If you are processing, please be patient with us. Processing includes pulling your inclusions and card with order details, casting, setting, then polishing and finishing. If you have specific questions are your order, please contact your admin. If you do not have one, please seen the PM post in the VIP page for instructions on how to choose your admin.

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