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Concrete Statues & Keepsakes

Breast milk concrete statues! Lait de la Vie, we offer a variety of options to preserve your memories into keepsakes that may last a lifetime. Although we started with breast milk jewelry, we now offer options to create your preserved keepsakes without breast milk. At Lait de la Vie, we work with breast milk, ashes, flowers, fabric, locks of hair (or first curl), and many more options. Each design offered may be customized the way you imagine!


Buy one keepsake and get your choice of a second absolutely FREE PLUS this FREE ring.
Expires: 6/20/21
Because the sale takes off the lowest charge in the cart, please just put your pigments, flakes and inclusion options in the notes instead of selecting them. Please all include ring size and incisions in your notes. Sizes 6-10. Ring valued at $180.
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