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Add Ons - Pigments

Information regarding pigment in breast milk jewelry and keepsake preservation is below. 
Single Pigment Color: $8
Multiples or Color Combinations: $24
Breast Milk Jewelry and Keepsake Pigments:
Adding pigment to your breast milk jewelry will add some discretion and customization to your keepsake. The entire breast milk stone will be covered in your chosen pigment. When choosing to add "Multiple" pigments or a chosen color combination (All pigments with an "*"), you are agreeing for the pigments to be mixed at my discretion. I can not guarantee a final look, however, it'll show all colors at the best of my ability. The multiple pigment effect ONLY works with breast milk or in an opaque finish. If you would like to include extra shimmer to your chosen pigment color or pigment combination, please choose "Mulitple" and include your order details for your breast milk keepsake in order notes. Shimmer is not recommended to be added in glitter pigments. When your breast milk jewelry or keepsake is finished, the finished pigment may vary slightly with your breast milk. 
Non Breast Milk Jewelry and Keepsake Pigments:
When designing your jewelry or keepsake without breast milk, your inclusions are preserved in a clear resin. When adding pigment to your clear resin, your resin will be created in a translucent style, unless otherwise requested in your order notes. The final color of the translucent pigment may vary slightly.
If you choose "Multiple" pigments or another color combination (all pigments with "*"), and you order does not contain breast milk, your keepsake will be created with an opaque effect similar to that of breast milk. Unfortunately, we are unable to create a translucent effect with multiple pigment colors at this time. White shimmer is the only exception, and can be combined with one other pigment in a translucent keepsake. When opting to have shimmer added to your inclusion keepsake or jewelry, please select "Multiple" and specify in your order notes which pigment you would like you shimmer paired with.  
Samples of Translucent Pigment Coming Soon.
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