**CHRISTMAS DEADLINE WAS AUGUST 12TH.** MOTHER'S DAY DEADLINE >>> Milk/Inclusions must be received by January 13th, 2018 for Mothers Day shipment. Please read Terms and Conditions for Holiday schedule details.
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Terms and Conditions

1. Overview:

a. This website is operated by Lait de la Vie. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Lait de la Vie and includes crafters, assistants, and admins. Lait de la Vie offers this website, including all information, tools, and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies, and notices stated here.
b. By visiting and continuing to use Lait de la Vie’s website and all affiliated sites and subsidiaries, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. You can find our detailed privacy policy here: 
c. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you represent that you are at least the age of majority in your state or province of residence, or that you are the age of majority in your state or province of residence and you have given us your consent to allow any of your minor dependents to use this site.
d. Due to the delicate nature of the products we create, it’s important to us that you understand our Terms and Conditions. We’ve outlined our Terms and Conditions below, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide an in-depth explanation of our terms.
e. Updates will be posted on the VIP Facebook group (http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com/ ) and on http://bit.ly/groupupdates

    2. Sending Milk and Inclusions:

    a. Instructions: Directions on how to send your breast milk and/or inclusions will be sent to you after ordering in your confirmation email. The shipping address will be included in your confirmation email. If you do not receive your email, please check your junk folder before contacting us. Please read the directions carefully and include all information required.
    b. Extra Notes: Physical notes other than your packaging slip cause confusion, and things can be missed. If you would like to add specifics to your order, please fill out a change order form found at Bit.ly/orderchanges
    c. Shipping: Use only USPS to ship. Do not use FedEx, UPS, etc. International customers should ship items in a box. Do not use regular envelopes.
    d. Local Drop Off: Customers local to Thibodaux, LA, have the option to drop off inclusions. Contact an employed assistant or email laitdelavie@gmail.com to schedule a drop off time. This is the customer’s responsibility to schedule, and scheduling is available Monday-Friday from 12-5 p.m. with the exception of holidays and other circumstances such as illness, appointments, or prior engagements. 
    e. Inclusion amounts: Amount needed is on a "per item" basis.
    **Leftover inclusions, containers, etc. cannot be returned! Please send your milk/inclusions in sparingly.**
      • Milk: 1/2oz minimum (please send 1/2oz more if possible for bigger items)
      • Placenta: 2-3 capsules
      • Crushed Flowers: 3-4 petals
      • Strip of Fabric: length negotiable
      • Umbilical Stump: a piece or the whole piece
      • Lock Of Hair: 2-3mm wide
      • Ashes: 1 teaspoon

    Please contact us at laitdelavie@gmail.com if you have any questions about another desired inclusion.

    f. Leftover Milk: Leftover breastmilk is saved for up to a year in case we need to remake something or if you desire a future order. When you order, you will have 2 options, send new milk or use leftover milk. If you are choosing leftover milk, please confirm your leftover milk/inclusion status with a group admin, by email, or by checking the leftover milk sheet before choosing this option.

      • If your leftover milk has been confirmed before your order, your estimated turnaround time will begin the day your order is placed.
      • If you order without confirming your leftover milk first, you will be asked to fill out a change order form and send new milk if you do not have leftover milk. Your turnaround time begins when your milk arrives.
      • If you purchase using the send new milk option and wish to change to using leftover milk, you will have to complete a change order. The estimated turnaround time begins the date that the change order form is documented to your order.
      • If you purchase using the "leftover milk" choice and you do not have a previous order under that account, with no note added, you will be contacted and told to fill out the change order form for the previous order number or new milk option. Your turnaround time will not begin until we have your milk/inclusions. 
      • Unless your order is part of a split order, a pending order, or a remake using that milk, all milk will be kept up to a year from the date of check in. Should you desire an extension, you will need to fill out a change order form requesting that your milk be held until a certain date.

    g. Leftover Inclusions (excluding breast milk): Leftover inclusions are stored for up to 3 months only for possible remakes. Leftover inclusions cannot be used for future orders. After 3 months, any remaining ashes are buried under a special tree here in Louisiana, and all other inclusions with the exception of breastmilk are disposed of.

    3. Turnaround Time:

    **Current turnaround time is an estimated 18-22 weeks**

    a. The turnaround time begins once your milk and inclusion has been received and  checked in. Check-ins generally occur once a week or once every week and a half. The current turnaround time is an estimated 18-22 weeks.
    b. Delays: Delays may occur under a variety of circumstances. Circumstances are including but not limited to
        • Complications in order design
        • Holidays
        • Recasting
        • Supply order delays
        • Supply back orders
        • Family sickness or emergencies
        • Other unforeseen circumstances.
      c. Turnaround Changes: The estimated turnaround time is subject to change at any given point due to any circumstances, the notification will be made through our Facebook group. You agree to this possibility when you purchase from us. If you would like to stay up to date on the latest news in regards to Lait de la Vie - Breast Milk Jewelry and Keepsake Preservation, please join our Facebook group http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com or check http://bit.ly/groupupdates.
      d. Split Orders: Sometimes, delays will occur during processing and may only be on part of the order. Instead of holding the entire order, we may separate the items and partially ship the order. The remainder of the order will be shipped once it is finished. You will not be charged an additional shipping fee and will be issued a gift card if this is necessary.
      • International customers should contact an admin if their order becomes a split order.

      e. Complicated orders, such as orders with multiple inclusions (e.g. flakes, hair, and shimmer in a piece, flakes, birthstone, and pigment in a piece, etc.), approved customs, and orders with specific details (e.g. hair or flakes falling in a certain pattern) may extend past the 22 week turnaround due to the complexity of the order.

      f. We ask that customers do not discuss where they are within the turnaround time within the VIP Group. If you are past the estimated turnaround time, please contact your admin.

      4. Payment:

          • We accept all major credit cards upon checkout.
          • We also now accept Amazon and Apple pay at checkout.
          • We do not have any layaway or payment plans, however, we recommend purchasing gift cards to help save for your special keepsake.
          • Multiple gift cards can be used for each purchase.
          • Only one coupon code is allowed to be used during a transaction.
          • Flash sale codes count as a coupon and cannot be combined with any other offer.

        5. Holiday Orders:

        a. Cut Off Dates: Due to an increase in orders, Christmas and Mothers Day are two major U.S. holidays that require a cut off date. Cut off dates are announced in our website headlines, Facebook group, VIP emails, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, etc. Please note that all of our deadlines are for U.S. customers. Milk/inclusions received before the cut off dates are scheduled to be completed and shipped in time for the designated holiday. In circumstances of delays, announcements will be made in our Facebook group http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com and on http://bit.ly/groupupdates for updates. Please join our group to receive these updates.
        b. Upcoming Cut Off Dates:
          • Mother’s Day 2018: All inclusions must be received by January 13, 2018.
          • Christmas 2018: All inclusions must be received by July 14, 2018.
          c. Shipping Estimates: USPS shipping estimates are used as a guideline for our shipments, however, Lait de la Vie and anyone associated with our business (such as assistants, admins, etc) will not be held responsible for any orders delayed in shipping via USPS or customs. We may schedule a "shipment deadline" in advance of a holiday to give you an idea of when holiday orders are expected to ship, however, delays may occur as well as a rescheduled shipping deadline. See the Delays section under Turnaround time for a list of possible delays.
          d. Delayed Delivery: Although we are not held responsible for delays via USPS, in instances of holiday shipments, we will issue complimentary gift cards to any order that tracking confirms a delayed delivery.

            **Please remember, although we strive to have your order arrive before a certain date, no item is guaranteed an arrival date.**

            e. Holiday Dates: We are a U.S. based company; therefore, we use American holiday dates. We do accept orders for holidays from overseas and Canada, but we make no guarantees to have keepsakes delivered in time for the holiday. Customs can hold any packages and cause many delays in order delivery. Please make sure you order early if you want your order for a U.S. holiday.

            6. USPS Shipping:

            a. Shipping Options: We offer three affordable shipping options for U.S. based customers and one option for International orders.
                • USPS First Class
                • USPS Priority Flat Rate
                • USPS Priority Flat Rate with insurance
                • International shipping is sent via First Class International or USPS Priority International.
              b. Shipping Rates:  Please note that shipping rates apply only to the finished item we will be shipping to you. This does not cover your shipment of your inclusion to us. Shipping rates are subject to change according to USPS prices.
              1. US:
              • Local Pickup (Thibodaux, LA): $1
              • USPS First Class: $3.50
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($100 Insurance): $7 **Recommended**
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($200 Insurance): $10
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($300 Insurance): $13
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($400 Insurance): $16
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($500 Insurance): $19
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($600 Insurance): $22
              • USPS Priority Flat Rate ($700 Insurance): $25
                2. Canada:
                • USPS First Class International: $12
                • USPS Priority Mail International: $28
                3. Rest of the World:
                  • USPS First Class International: $18

                    c. Pictures and Tracking: Keepsake orders have an estimated turnaround time of 18-22 weeks and will ship with your chosen shipping option. When your order is completed, you may receive a picture of the completed item before it ships either through our VIP Facebook group or through email. When your keepsake is packaged and ready to ship, you will receive an email with tracking. There may be a small delay between receiving a picture of your finished item and a tracking email. Check the VIP Facebook group (http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com/ ) and on http://bit.ly/groupupdates for updates in case of delays.

                    d. Delivery Dates: There is absolutely NO guarantee on delivery dates once USPS is in possession of your package. USPS has estimated delivery dates, but the dates will vary. We may use the estimated shipping dates as a guide to ship orders for holidays or special occasions; however, Lait de la Vie will not be held responsible for delays in transit. Lait de la Vie cannot update tracking once USPS has the item.

                    e. Lost Items: If your item becomes lost in transit, please email or message a group admin to discuss this unique case further.

                    f. Customs: Customs fees for international shipments are the responsibility of the customer. Lait de la Vie cannot provide a cost for customs because that is set by Customs and not by LDLV. Please note that it is not illegal to ship breastmilk; however, it is illegal to export milk of animal origin in some countries; therefore, a note stating that your milk is of human origin for jewelry-making may be beneficial. You can declare any inclusions as jewelry-making material to avoid issues with Customs; however, this is not guaranteed to prevent issues. We will not mark international orders as “gifts” because this is merchandise purchased from our company.

                    g. Address Changes: You may change your account address on the website. However, if you have a pending order, please fill out a change order form (http://bit.ly/orderchanges) so it can be changed for your order. This must be done before a shipping label is created. Once the tracking email is sent, we may no longer be able to change the address and stop shipment. We are not responsible for shipping errors to addresses other than what was originally saved in the order. ****The new address MUST be included in your change order for the change to be applied.****

                    h. Local Pick-Up: If you are local to Thibodaux, LA, and would like to pick up your order personally, please select the "pick up" option at checkout. The pickup charge is $1. Contact an employed assistant or the business page to set up a drop off time. You may also email us at laitdelavie@gmail.com or call the business phone at (985) 492-8287, and I’ll be happy to arrange a time and date for you. (Contacting an assistant or the business page will result in a quicker response.)

                    7. Refunds, Exchanges, Remakes and Order Changes:

                    a. Inspect: When you receive your item, please inspect it thoroughly. Contact us through email or on the Facebook business page ( https://www.facebook.com/laitdelaviex/ ) if there are any noticeable issues upon delivery, and we’ll do our best to ensure that we make it right.
                    b. Warranty: All finished breast milk and keepsake products have a 3-month warranty for damage due to breakage or other normal wear and tear. Disclosed imperfections do not qualify under warranty. See our section on disclosed imperfections for further information. Normal wear and tear does not include exposure to chemicals, essential oils, excessive use of lotions and soaps, destructive practices (e.g., scraping against hard objects, filing the stone or metal, children breaking the items), resizing or work done by another jeweler, adding clear nail polish or other such items to the jewelry,  etc. Covered instances include broken chains, loose or missing stones including cubic zirconia, defects in the setting, etc.
                    • You have 30 days to return the item to us from the initial date of contact for the issue. Failure to return, the damaged item will result in forfeiting of the warranty.
                    c. Returns: Due to the nature of our personalized jewelry pieces, we are unable to accept returns or offer exchanges on finished items. This applies to all items here at Lait de la Vie, with NO exceptions. The only time an item is returned is when a remake is being made.
                    d. Exchanges: Items that have not entered the processing phase may be exchanged for another item of equal or greater value. If you wish to exchange your order for a lesser value, you will be issued a gift card with the difference. If you wish to exchange your order for a greater value, you will receive an invoice to pay for the difference.
                    e. Order Changes: If you wish to make changes to your order, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/orderchanges  or click the link at the top of the page. If your order change requires an invoice, it will include a 5% fee in addition to your invoice total. Order changes are processed at our earliest convenience. Physical notes other than your packaging slip cause confusion, and things can be missed. If you would like to add specifics to your order that you did not include in your order notes, please fill out a change order form.

                      **Changes can only be made prior to processing.**

                      f. Order Changes and Coupons: All coupons used on the original order will be reflected in the order change invoice minus the 5% charge. (Example 1: If you are adding an $8 pigment you will be charged $8.16. Example 2: If you are adding an $8 pigment at 15% off, your total will be the 10% off price of $7.20)
                      g. Multiple Changes: Consecutive changes will result in an additional 5% charge per change: so 5% for the first, 10% for the second change, 15% for the third, and so on.
                      h. Change Refund: If your order change requires a refund, refunds greater than $5 must be issued on a gift card.
                      • There are no exceptions.
                      • You cannot request to have part of the refund removed to receive the $5. 
                      • This also applies to adding a free item offered with a coupon and asking to have it removed.
                      i. Address Changes:  If you have a pending order and need the address changed, please fill out a change order form so it can be changed for your order. This must be done before a shipping label is created., see USPS Shipping above for more information.
                      j. Item Changes and Inclusions: If you do a change order form to change your item completely, it will reset all inclusions and customizations to none. If you want to include your original inclusions and customization, you need to make a note that you would like to continue or change any pigments, flakes, raw crushed birthstones, or inclusions in your order. (Example: You order a simple bezel ring size 6 with silver flakes and white shimmer pigment. You make a change order form to change to a halo infinity ring and want to keep inclusions. You would put "Change to halo infinity ring size 6 with silver flakes and white shimmer.)  
                      k. Forgetting Coupon Codes: If you forget to utilize a coupon code at checkout, we may honor the coupon only if contacted within 24 hours with a 5% fee. (Example: 10% will be refunded when using a 15% off coupon code.) This includes all open coupon codes, promotions, flash sales, and game credits. If you are outside of the 24 hours, you cannot add the coupon to your order.
                      l. Cancellations: If you need to cancel your order, please fill out the change order form http://bit.ly/orderchanges.
                      m. Refund Fee: There will be a 20% refund fee on all full refunds and canceled orders. Orders that are already processing cannot be refunded.
                      n. Cancellation Deadline: *Orders can be canceled within 90 days unless the order has begun processing.* Orders exceeding 90 days will not be refunded; however, if you insist on canceling your order, your order will be marked as fulfilled, and a gift card of the value will be shipped using your chosen shipping method minus the fee. This includes orders where inclusions have not been sent. You will be given the option to change your order or use Lait de la Vie inclusions.
                      o. Public Queue: To view the public queue to see if your order is processing please see bit.ly/laitdelavie.
                      p. Inclusion Changes: You may contact us to change the main inclusion of your keepsake by filling out the order change form http://bit.ly/orderchanges. (Example: You are unable to send milk, and it is past 90 days from your order date. You may change the inclusion to flower petals or a lock of hair in clear resin).
                      q. Multiple Cancellations: If you order and cancel 2 times, you are not eligible for a 3rd canceled order. You will also receive a thank you card with a gift card, and forfeit your right to order again.
                      r. Order Satisfaction: If you are unhappy with the finished product due to (disclosed) minor imperfections, please contact us through email or on our Facebook business page. Volunteer admins will direct you to the business page if they are contacted. We may remake it (at our discretion only) for a $30 service fee. Remakes are not guaranteed. Imperfections can include but are not limited to imperfect petals on the roses, bubbles in the stone, or uneven surfaces on the European bead. In the case of a remake, the original item MUST be returned. There are no exceptions. There are instances where LDLV will provide a shipping label for returns; however, this will be done on a case by case basis and we will notify you if we are providing a shipping label.
                      s. Imperfections: If a finished item contains apparent imperfections that have happened during the creative process or in transit (Example: unwanted inclusion or breaking), we may not charge a $30 service fee for a remake (at our discretion only).
                      t. Size Exchange: If you have received your ring and it is the wrong size, your ring band may be exchanged ONLY if the ring's breast milk or inclusion stone is secured by a prong. Ring settings with breast milk or inclusions that require gluing may not be exchanged. We must be notified within 3 days of the confirmed USPS delivery. The service fee for this exchange is $10.
                      u. Reserved Rights: We reserve the right to cancel/refund an order at any time. Canceled orders may be issued due to intolerable behavior from the customer. Intolerable behavior includes but is not limited to disrespectful communication, cursing, belittling, threatening, and harassing.
                      v. Dispute Disclaimer: We would prefer that you contact us to resolve issues before filing a dispute with your bank, credit card company, or the Better Business Bureau. If you file a dispute, funds are frozen until the dispute is resolved; therefore, we cannot issue a refund or gift card. The bank or credit card company will contact us for an explanation of our process and our terms and conditions. Then, a decision regarding refunds will be made. In the case of a Better Business Bureau complaint, the claim is forwarded to us. We send a response detailing our terms and conditions and an accounting of all correspondence with the customer along with our proposed solution. The customer is given a chance to respond to the proposal, and then we have a chance to finalize our response. Lait de la Vie reserves the right to counter any dispute. Any information posted online (including but not limited to pictures, names, comments, and personal messages), sent via message to the business page, VIP group, assistants, volunteer admins, etc. can be used in a dispute.

                      8. Gift Cards and Game Credits:

                      a. Reissuing: We are unable to reissue gift card information once you have received it. Please make sure that you keep track of the number. This is for any gift card that we give as a gift and any gift card that is purchased. The system we use does not allow us to see the information.
                      b. Multiple Cards: Multiple gift cards may be used on any order; however, only one coupon or flash sale code can be used at a time. The system bumps out the higher discount.
                      c. Game Credits: Game credits are in-store credits earned by playing games in the VIP Facebook group. Game credits are chosen at random or for correct answers to games. Not all players receive a credit. They are not redeemable for cash value, and once redeemed, cannot be reapplied to your account. Game Credits are redeemable up to $10 per order, and you would contact your admin to receive a game credit gift card that must be used to purchase your item within 12 hours of issuance. If you do not have an admin already, you may see the pinned post or the pmed you post for a list of admin names. You may not use more than one game credit card on a single order. You must be a member of the VIP group to obtain and use game credits. A list of credits can be found here: http://bit.ly/ldlv_iwcs-gamecredits

                      9. Rewards Program:

                      a. Points: Signing up for our Rewards Program can help you earn points towards order coupons. These coupons have the same rules as our sales and flash sales. Certain events (e.g., your birthday, order goals, etc.) will earn points that can be used towards a discount on your purchase.
                      b. Combining Discounts: Discounts cannot be combined; however, you can claim sales for free items and use your rewards points. You will not get multiple discounts but you will receive the free item. To receive the free item, you would include the code and the name of the free item in your notes. You just will not get the discount on the sale and the discount for the reward. Rewards, sales, and coupon codes cannot be combined otherwise, and they cannot be combined together. If you enter two codes, the lesser of the two will be applied to your order.
                      c. Emails: Please make sure your email is correct. Unfortunately, we do not have the access to correct this issue and cannot combine incorrect email accounts with the correct ones. If we have had to correct your email on a previous order, we cannot award rewards points them to the correct email account.
                      d. Redeeming Points: Rewards points can only be redeemed once and do not have any cash or gift card value. Once redeemed, unused rewards points cannot be credited back to your account.
                      e. Reward Points can only be used for new orders. Change orders and invoices cannot use Reward Points. 

                      10. VIP Facebook Group Flash Sales:

                      a. Daily Sales: Flash sales are something we offer daily in the group (http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com). Flash sales may vary and at least 2 are posted a day.

                      b. Rules:

                          • Please read the flash sale in its entirety before claiming.
                          • Purchases via the flash sales are for NEW ORDERS ONLY.
                          • You must be the first to comment "me" on the designated thread.
                          • Claiming the coupons 3x without purchasing will result in removal from the group.
                          • Purchases must be completed within one hour of receiving the code.
                          • Flash sale coupons cannot be combined with VIP coupons or other coupons.
                          • Coupons cannot be switched out for a coupon of greater amount once claimed.
                          • If you request to cancel your open order and utilize a flash sale coupon, you forfeit your right to claim future flash sale coupons.
                          • If you choose to cancel an open flash sale order for any reason, this will count as the same as not purchasing and be one strike of your three chances.
                        c. Free Item Rules: Free items cannot be switched for any other items, including but not limited to other free items. Free items may not include pigment, flakes, birthstones, or any other add-ons unless otherwise stated in the promotional post.
                        • If you add the free item to your cart, you will be charged. If you choose to remove the purchased item from your order, it will be treated as a regular change order and you will receive a refund or gift card as those terms state, see Section 7, e-h.

                        d. Add on Items: Flash sales and free items are not redeemable with add-on items, including but not limited to chains or anything that's not customized as a keepsake.

                        11. Free Items:

                        a. Inclusions: Free items must be made with your main order's breast milk or inclusions.
                        • Example 1: If your order contains breast milk, only your breast milk will be included in your free item. (e.g., Your piece contains breastmilk and hair. Your free item will be made with breastmilk and no hair.)
                        • Example 2: If your main order does not contain breast milk, your free item will be made with your main order's inclusion (ashes, hair, etc.) and clear resin. (e.g., Your piece contains ashes and purple pigment in resin. Your free item will contain ashes in resin.)
                        • Example 3: If your main order has one piece with breastmilk and another with clear resin and an inclusion, then you may request breastmilk or resin/inclusion. If your choice is not stated in notes, we will make the decision. (e.g. One piece contains breast milk and hair and your other piece contains ashes in clear resin. You can choose to have either breastmilk or ashes in clear resin for your free item.) Your choice must be stated in the order notes. Physical notes will not be honored. If you fail to specify, you may complete a change order form or we will choose the option.
                        • If multiple milks are used in the main purchased item, we may decide to mix the milk if not stated otherwise in your order notes.
                        • No additional inclusions will be included unless otherwise stated in the sale.
                        b. Additional Inclusions: Free items may not include pigment, flakes, birthstones, or any other add ons unless otherwise stated in the promotional post.
                        c. Imperfections: Free items may contain minor imperfections. Imperfections are included but not limited to air bubbles, multiform sides (Example: due to sanding), excess glue on bails, air bubbles in the posterior side of the item, uneven surfaces, and small bits of leftover color from molds.
                        d. Remakes: Remakes for free items will include a $30 service charge and the return of the original free item. Remakes are at our discretion. The original item MUST be returned. There will be no exceptions.
                        e. Invoice: When utilizing a promotional coupon code for a free item, your free item will not appear on your invoice or confirmation email.
                        f. Code: You must use appropriate coupon code to receive the free item with purchase. Free items cannot be swapped for any reason.
                        g. Free items are automatically added with the coupon. If you add the item to your cart, the item will receive the discount as the rest of the order does. If you add the item and then request for the item to be removed, we will follow our normal change order procedure, see Section 7, e-h.
                        h. Please review our Free Item Terms and Conditions for more information (https://www.laitdelavie.com/pages/free)

                        12. Resin Keepsakes (Without Breast Milk):

                        a. Resin Keepsakes: Although our website was created for breastfeeding mothers, we would like to extend our creations to non-breastfeeding individuals as well. Because of this, we are now offering the option to have any of our items crafted without breast milk. When choosing this option, you are requesting this item to be made without breast milk. Your keepsake will be crafted with your desired inclusions (ashes, hair, etc.) in resin. Unless pigment is chosen, your item and add-on inclusions will be crafted in clear resin.
                        b. Pigments: When choosing your pigment for non-breast milk keepsakes, your pigment will be translucent unless requested otherwise in order. (Choose ‘opaque’ in the order drop down if you want the pigment to look solid.) The final color of the pigment will vary within the final piece and may look different from samples provided with breastmilk or other keepsake samples.
                        c. Inclusions: Inclusions include placenta (2-3 capsules per item), crushed flowers (3-4 petals per item), strip of fabric, umbilical stump, lock of hair (2-3mm wide), or various other inclusions. Please contact us on our VIP Facebook group, the FB business page, or at laitdelavie@gmail.com if you have any questions about a desired inclusion.

                        13. Additional Information:

                        a. Each item offered by Lait de la Vie is completely handcrafted from start to finish. You provide the memory; we provide the beautiful keepsake you can treasure for years to come.
                        b. Our unique jewelry provides you the opportunity to incorporate your breast milk or your desired inclusion into a beautiful, preserved keepsake. Breastmilk jewelry or our other preserved keepsakes are done by preserving your milk or inclusions in a resin mixture.
                        c. Please include your Facebook name in the notes of your order if it is different from the name on the order.
                        d. You may choose to have your keepsake created without breast milk by selecting that option on the product drop down. If you choose this option, make sure to choose the corresponding drop-down for inclusions. Breastmilk inclusions have a section separate from clear resin inclusions. If you choose the wrong one, you will be invoiced the difference with a 5% fee.
                        e. We offer customization options on each listing such as pigments, inclusions, flakes, and birthstones. If you would like to add birthstones, shimmer, pigment, or flakes to your breast milk jewelry and keepsakes, please choose your desired options before checking out. If the option is not listed on your desired listing, please email us at laitdelavie@gmail.com to discuss details of personalizing your breast milk jewelry or inclusion keepsakes. Lait de la Vie may also include incense as part of your package as our gift to you.
                        f. Inclusions: If you choose to incorporate an inclusion, the inclusion will be preserved along with your milk in the resin mixture. Each inclusion will have its own unique look and will not be identical to the display image. If you choose "Multiple," please specify which inclusions you desire in the "Order Notes" section before checking out. Please understand when choosing "Multiple," some inclusions may be more visible than others but will contain each of the inclusions requested. Inclusions will be manipulated to fit in the desired keepsake appropriately. No final look with inclusions, pigment, flakes, birthstones, or shimmer will be guaranteed.
                        • Inclusions, with the exception of flakes, cannot be surfaced. They will not settle in the same pattern for every piece. Flakes may be surfaced for an additional cost. If surfaced is not selected, they will be blended. A final look cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the materials.

                        • For cufflinks, customers may request surfaced inclusions; however, this will be done at the discretion of the crafter.

                        g. Hair: You may include more than one lock of hair to represent more than one child. You do not need to select "multiple" for this option.
                        h. Pigment: Pigment added to the breast milk will cover the entire area of the breast milk stone, and will be opaque. When ordering a keepsake without breast milk, your pigment will be translucent unless stated otherwise in order notes.
                        i. Multiple Pigments: When choosing "Multiple" please specify your colors in order notes before checking out. When choosing "Multiple" you are agreeing to have the pigment mixed at our discretion and create an effect on the entire stone. This effect ONLY works with an opaque effect and cannot be used as a translucent effect in clear resin. If you choose "Multiple" (or another multiple pigment effect that contains a "*") and are not having breast milk applied to your order, this will be created in an opaque effect.
                        j. Shimmer and Pigment: If you wish to add shimmer with a pigment (for example: purple shimmer) please select "Mulitple" as well. Shimmer is NOT recommended on glitter pigments. We cannot guarantee a final look.
                        k. Birthstones: Raw birthstones are genuine birthstones that are crushed and added to your breast milk or resin keepsake as an additional inclusion. If you choose "Multiple," please specify in the "Order Notes" section before checking out. Please understand when choosing "Multiple," some birthstones may be more visible than others, but your item will contain each of the stones requested. All the stones are crushed. Each piece will have an individual look. You can specify finely crushed in your order notes to use smaller pieces, but all birthstones are crushed.
                        l. Birthstone Disclaimer: **Adding birthstones may also make the surface uneven.** We will try our best to avoid this but in some of our thinner items, it is unavoidable. Raw crushed birthstones may also increase the chances of bubbles.  We cannot guarantee the final look on these items.
                        m. Flakes: Flakes added to your keepsake will be dispersed randomly. When choosing "Multiple" flakes, your flakes will be dispersed randomly, and some flakes may be more visible than others.
                        n. Flakes Disclaimer: **Adding flakes may also make the surface uneven.** Flakes may also increase the chances of bubbles. When adding flakes to your item, We cannot guarantee the final look.
                        o. Stone Density: Your breast milk stone is a solid piece, but the hardness may vary. Because we create the pieces from a liquid state, your milk may settle differently in the resin causing some stones to be softer than others. However, all stones will be durable and built to last under normal wear.
                        p. Imperfection Disclaimer: We allow our keepsakes to cure in a pressure pot to avoid bubbles, however, small bubbles still may appear in the finished piece and is expected in the nature of handmade resin items. Some items may require sanding as a part of the finishing process and edges may not be completely uniform when finished. Items that may not be uniform due to sanding include but are not limited to roses, European charm beads, and pearls. The color of your final piece will reflect the natural color of your breast milk unless pigment is requested. Some items require gluing. We will try to make it as least visible as possible. However, being that each piece is individually handmade, we cannot guarantee that the glue will not be visible in every piece.
                        q. Image Disclaimer: At Lait de la Vie, we make every effort to ensure that our online catalog is as accurate and complete as possible. Some pieces may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in our photographs; and since every computer monitor is set differently, size and color may vary slightly. On our site, we provide the measurement of each piece. No final look is guaranteed and lighting in the images may make a piece appear different from its actual appearance.
                        r. Studio: All orders are made in a home studio. Once received, milk is stored in special containers and frozen in our LDLV freezers, separate from our personal items. We organize it by order numbers, names, and emails. Milk stays frozen until it begins processing. Once processing begins, all of that milk is prepared and preserved. The leftover milk is stored again and kept safe until it is ready for use. We will make an announcement in the group before discarding leftover milk in case a customer would like to purchase another piece.
                        s. Pets: My home is pet-friendly. We try to keep all animals away from the keepsakes and preservation process.

                        14. Product Safety:

                        a. Adult Wear: Our jewelry is intentionally crafted for adult wear. Handle with care around children. We know how much children love to play with our special jewelry, but it’s important to keep in mind that all of our jewelry, like any other jewelry, is a potential choking hazard for little ones. Always keep your jewelry safely out of reach from small children. We are not liable for jewelry broken by children.
                        b. Materials: We try to get the best materials from our suppliers. All of our materials are stated as the supplier has stated them to me.
                        c. Metal Allergies: If you or the person you are purchasing for has a metal allergy, you should use caution when purchasing and speak with your doctor before making the purchase. We urge you to research and make the best health decision for yourself. Our items may contain nickel. Please research "hypoallergenic" and "nickel-free.”
                        d. Allergy Disclaimer:  Lait de la Vie is not responsible for any physical reaction (including but not limited to any allergic and anaphylactic responses) to our jewelry. We will not replace or refund items due to any reaction to our jewelry, please see our terms on this above.

                        A THANK YOU, FROM US!
                        Thank you for reading this! You've earned a surprise! Put "Admins Rock" in the notes of your new order and a free "surprise" item will be added to your order. Only one claim per customer. Updated 12/30/17, previous special notes do not count.

                        15. Care Instructions:

                        a. Tarnishing: Unfortunately, many metals used in jewelry making will eventually tarnish over time. Tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction between the silver and environmental factors, particularly sulfur, effectively causing oxidation that appears as a discoloration, i.e., tarnish. Since we use silver for many of our pieces, we want to make sure you understand how to prevent your beautiful jewelry from tarnishing and what you can do to maintain its quality and finish.
                        b. Humidity: Never expose your jewelry to water or high levels of humidity. This means that you should remove your jewelry before swimming or taking a shower or bath and you should never store your jewelry in the bathroom. Also, polish your jewelry at least once a week using a soft cloth to remove dust. A polishing cloth is preferable but any soft cloth that isn’t abrasive in any way would be suitable for cleaning.
                        c. Storage: Protect your jewelry by storing it in a cool, dry place - a closed jewelry box is preferable for jewelry storage. Finally, always remove your jewelry before bedtime to prevent accidental breakage.

                        d. Stone Care: Please do not expose breast milk stone or keepsake stone to any harsh solvents, such as acetone or cleaning agents. Harsh solvents can destroy the breast milk and keepsake stone. Please do not expose your keepsake to essential oils, as this may cause harsh yellowing to the keepsake stone. Leaving your breast milk stone in direct sunlight for extended periods of time is not recommended.

                        e. Disclaimer: We polish each item before shipping, and we are not responsible for tarnish due to climate changes in shipping. Please purchase a polishing cloth and polish it upon receipt.

                        16. About this Business and our Facebook Group:

                        a. Lait de la Vie is a small business run by only four official employees. Brandi is the owner, creator, and main crafter of Lait de la Vie. She does all the main casting and hands-on work with the jewelry, and she is a work at home mom who puts her family first and business second. LDLV has two in-office assistants, Caitlin, who works Monday-Friday and Ariel, who works a couple days a week. Caitlin helps with memos, checking milk in, preparing batches, getting milk prepped, assisting with casting, minor keepsake work, and packaging, etc. Ariel helps with phone communications, organizing supplies and materials, saving leftover milk, packaging, shipping, and memos. We have one at-home, part-time assistant, Samantha. She handles inventory, business page messages, emails, change orders, group information, public queue updates, and game credits, etc.
                        b. Our Facebook group is run by volunteer admins who take time from their families to help this business run smoothly. Speaking to an admin is for guidance and their words are not a binding measure. Final decisions on transactions are made by Brandi Albert and will be reflected in terms and conditions.
                        c. We have games in our group on Friday nights for store credit ($1 at a time unless stated otherwise) that can be redeemed up to $10 at a time.
                        d. Our Facebook group, http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com, is a community for Lait de la Vie and Indigo Wagon Craft Shop customers.
                        e. We want each member of the group to be able to bond and share our experiences with each other. Our community is not meant to be a "professional" environment. Posts made by Brandi or her admins may include more "personal" opinions and feelings rather than "professional" posts. This is because we want us to all relate and get to know each other on a personal level. We want you to know the person behind the computer screen and know the people creating such a precious keepsake.
                        f. Intolerable behavior may be subject to canceled orders or being banned from our Facebook group or business Facebook page. Intolerable behavior includes but is not limited to disrespectful communication, cursing, belittling, threatening, and harassing.
                        • Repeated disrespectful communication including but not limited to cursing, belittling, threatening, incessant messaging, etc., especially after a request to cease and desist will be considered harassment and appropriate legal action may be taken.
                        g. The quickest way to receive updates is through the VIP Facebook group; however, we also post updates on http://bit.ly/groupupdates .

                          17. Contact Information: 

                          a. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the admin team personally and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you choose perfect breast milk jewelry or other preserved keepsakes.
                          b. Contact information:
                          c. VIP Newsletter: When you choose "accept marketing" or sign up to be a VIP, you will be added to our email list. You will have to manually unsubscribe to be removed. Our emailed VIP Newsletter includes information about sales and chances to win credits towards your orders.

                          18. Additional Disclaimers: 

                          a. Throughout our terms and conditions, you will see the terms (included but not limited to) "breastmilk keepsake," "breast milk keepsake," "keepsake," "inclusion keepsake," "item," "pieces," "order," etc. used interchangeably. It is to be understood that our terms and conditions apply to all items offered on our website.

                          b. Our admins on our Facebook group (http://www.iwcs-ldlv.com) and business page are volunteers. Please understand that they will do the best they can to answer your questions as accurately and promptly as they are able to. All questions directed to admins will allow more time for us to create your keepsakes. When an admin is faced with a question they are unsure off, they contact Brandi directly seeking answers.

                          c. We reserve the right to duplicate and photograph custom items for use with Lait de la Vie’s storefront, website and/or social media pages.

                          d. We reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time. Should the Terms and Conditions be amended, customers are notified via the Facebook VIP group and in the update document. Customers agree to be bound by possible T&C amendments when ordering.  Customers cannot change their minds about agreeing to the terms and conditions after ordering.

                          e. Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue services (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of services

                          f. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear at the store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

                          g. We reserve the right to  limit the sales of our products or services to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction but are not obligated to. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that we offer. All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of us. We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time. Any offer for any product or service made on this site is void where prohibited. We do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or other material purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the service will be corrected.

                          h. Occasionally there may be information on our site or in the services that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, product shipping charges, transit times and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and to change or update information or cancel orders if any information in the service or on any related website is inaccurate at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). We undertake no obligation to update, amend or clarify information in the service or on any related website, including without limitation, pricing information, except as required by law.

                          i. You may not use Lait de la Vie or any of our affiliated sites, groups, or pages for any illegal or unauthorized purpose nor may you violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws). You will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in your use of Lait de la Vie’s website and Facebook groups.

                          j. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lait de la Vie and our parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms of Service or the documents they incorporate by reference or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party.

                          k. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the services, use of the service, or access to the services or any contact on the website through which the service is provided, without express written permission by us.You must not transmit any worms or viruses or any code of a destructive nature.

                          l. You understand that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks.

                          19. Important Information In Regards to 2018:

                          a. We have a busy and exciting year ahead! Lait de la Vie will NOT be closed and ordering will still continue; however, we have moved up some deadlines to allow for extra time if needed.

                          b. JUNE 2018:
                          In June 2018, we will be welcoming baby number 2 into the world. This joyous event is after Mother's Day, so as long as this pregnancy continues to be a smooth one, Mother's Day orders should not be affected by the new baby.
                          **The deadline for all inclusions for Mother’s Day 2018 is January 13, 2018.**
                          Brandi will not be taking a full maternity leave, as Caitlin now casts pretty well on her own and will be taking over casting during this time. Brandi will continue to work on finishing orders, but as expected, at a slower pace for at least the first few weeks of baby's life. She works from home, so it won't be as challenging to continue finishing orders even at a slower pace.


                          c. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2018:
                          Brandi and Dominick have planned their wedding for December 22, 2018. Because of this, 2018 Christmas orders are going to be scheduled to be shipped by the end of November so we can focus on the wedding in December.
                          Therefore, we are scheduling our Christmas deadline July 14, 2018. It's very early, but it'll give us extra time to plan for remakes and delays. We will still be working the month of December, but at a moderate/slower pace until after the wedding.
                          For any milk/inclusions received after July 14, 2018, there MAY be a slight delay (past 22 weeks) on some orders depending on various factors. We will try hard to avoid delays exceeding our estimated turnaround time, but as always we cannot guarantee anything. Basically, the entire month of December will be slower paced. We will continue rocking and rolling in January 2019!


                          20. Final Reminder: 


                          Thank you for shopping with Lait de la Vie!