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Lait de la Vie


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I have read the details of this listing in its entirety. I agree to the terms and conditions of what I am purchasing. I agree to the terms and conditions of the Lait de la Vie website. I agree to terms and conditions of the estimated turnaround time. I agree to the terms and conditions of all finished Lait de la Vie items.
By selecting this option, I acknowledge that the terms and conditions I agree to have been read thoroughly and I understand they may change at any time (including but not limited to estimated turnaround time.) I agree to join the VIP group to stay up to date on any and all information regarding the company and my order. I understand that fastest form of communication is by messaging a volunteer admin in the VIP group or making a VIP group post at so an admin may reach out to you.
Are you in our VIP Facebook group If you are not a part of our VIP group, will you be joining? Our VIP group is the fastest way to receive updates, finished order pictures, and answers to important questions! Emailing may be a slower form of communication in comparison to our Facebook VIP group.
Although our website was created for breastfeeding mothers, I would like to extend my creations for non breastfeeding individuals as well. Because of this, we are now offering the option to have any of our items crafted without breast milk. When choosing clear resin you are requesting this item to be made without breast milk and your desired inclusions/pigments. Unless pigment is chosen, your item and add on inclusions will be crafted in clear resin. This is recommended for anyone with keepsake inclusions.
If you have sent extra milk for a previous order, we may be able to use it for a new order. Leftover milk is saved for up to a year. Please confirm that we have your leftover milk before choosing this option. We can not use leftover inclusions such as flowers, hair, ashes, etc. If you are using leftover milk and are sending new inclusions, please select the second option and include your leftover milk order number in the order notes.



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